Mecha Carnage rules PDF download

Mecha Carnage rules PDF download
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It back and PDF format.

Mecha Carnage is a fast playing, versatile set of miniature wargame rules designed for recreating anime and managa style mech engagements on the tabletop.

The system is generic allowing for creation of custom mechs, vehicles, and infantry from any style of mecha or giant robot based background. It includes rules for genre specific tropes such as transforming mecha (e.g. Robotech), combining mecha (e.g. Voltron), and macro class mecha (e.g. skyscraper sized robots). The design system is simple. but comprehensive.

The game uses an alternating activating system. When a unit is activated it has a certain nmuber of action points (typically 2, but more for heroes) that it can spend to perform actions in the game, including movement, attacks, and trasnforming. Combat is handled via a d20 roll against a target number, which is defined by various modifiers such as the attacker's tech level, target's size, range, & weapon accuracy. If a hit is scored, damage is rolled against the target's armor.

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