Delta to the DMZ rules PDF download

 Delta to the DMZ rules PDF download
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Version 1.5 PDF file Download.

Battalion-level wargames rules for the Vietnam War.

From the Delta to the DMZ rules are quick play rules for engagements of battalion size and up. The quick and easy system uses a card deck to set the pace of play and introduce exceptional events to the battle such as weather, radio net problems, booby traps and much more.

Get the “feel” of Vietnam with rules for flareships, napalm strikes, medevac, arms caches, using tunnel complexes, free fire zones, recon by fire, Mortar Locating Radar, use of Starlight scopes, civilians with hidden VC, PBR’s.....and even rules for screaming Broken Arrow!

Comes complete with a sample scenario to pick-up and play and
example TOE’s for VC, NVA and US Battalions (more available online).

If we update the book, you can download again.

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