Holt 75 Petrol Tractor - for towing heavy artillery

Holt 75 Petrol Tractor - for towing heavy artillery
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Model Information
The American designed agricultural Holt petrol caterpillar tractor saw extensive service on the Western Front 1914-18 and in other theatres such as the Middle East. Its ability to haul a huge load and cross rough terrain proved a valuable asset as an artillery tractor for larger calibre guns and howitzer. Cast completely in white metal. This is a difficult model which we would advise for those with advanced modelling skills.

When World War I broke out, with the problem of trench warfare and the difficulty of transporting supplies to the front, the pulling power of crawling-type tractors drew the attention of the military. The British War Office ordered a Holt tractor and put it through trials at Aldershot. Although it was not as powerful as the 105 horsepower (78 kW) Foster-Daimler tractor, the 75 horsepower (56 kW) Holt was better suited to haul heavy loads over uneven ground. Without a load, the Holt tractor managed a walking pace of 4 miles per hour (6.4 km/h). Towing a load, it could manage 2 miles per hour (3.2 km/h). Most importantly, Holt tractors were readily available in quantity. The War Office was suitably impressed and chose it as a gun-tractor.


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