WW1 Coventry Works 15 inch Howitzer scratch built

WW1 Coventry Works 15 inch Howitzer scratch built
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This item is scratch-built to order in 15mm scale (approx 1:100)

Model Information
The Ordnance BL 15 inch howitzer was developed by the Coventry Ordnance Works late in 1914 in response to the success of its design of the 9.2 inch siege howitzer. Our model comes fully scratch built and painted, mounted on a 40x50mm base. Complete with a choice of 4 crew (either >Peter Pig or Minifigs 15mm crew.

Gun Details
The weapon was operated by Royal Marine Artillery detachments of the Naval Brigade, with 1 gun per battery. One gun was sent to Gallipoli but not used there. They were later transferred to the British Army.
It operated successfully where it was needed to destroy deep fortifications on the Western Front, but was limited by its relatively short range compared to other modern siege howitzers. The size and weight made it difficult to move and emplace. No further development occurred after the first batch of 12, and instead Britain continued to develop and produce the 12 inch Howitzer and 12 inch Railway Howitzer.
With sufficient interest we would like to make a model of the 9.2 inch and 12 inch Howitzer.

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