MkI Gun Carrier Tank - for 60pdr or 6 inch Howitzer

MkI Gun Carrier Tank - for 60pdr or 6 inch Howitzer
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Model Information
This was our first ever vehicle model. Fits nicely with tanks from Minifigs, Peter Pig and QRF. Cast in high quality white metal. These vehicles were developed from the Mark 1 Tank and saw service on the Western Front from 1916 onwards. This will carry the QRF 60 pounder or Irregular 6inch Howitzer which was their historical usage. However, their ability to houal a heavy load over very broken terrain meant that their eventual usage would be mostly as supply carriers - like the Mark 1 tanks.

The Gun Carrier Mark I was the first piece of self-propelled artillery ever to be produced, a British development from the First World War. The vehicle bore little resemblance to the Mark I Tank. The tracks weren't tall but low, almost flat. At the back a rectangular superstructure covered the engine and transmission. Sharing it were the vehicle commander, a mechanic and two gearsmen. The front was an open area with either a 60-pounder (5-inch) field gun or a 6-inch howitzer.


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