Provisional Release Schedule

Patrol Boat River (PBR) - OUT NOW
Photos soon

PCF (Swift Boat Mk1) - Very soon just painting model and sorting guns

LSSC (For those SEALs)
- Very soon painting to photograph

LCA (Need to do the gunwales and pilot)
Done and Done - just need to Paint a sample.


South Vietnamese RPC

Indigenous Boats ie Sampans

Artillery Barge - email me if you want this.

Other bigger stuff
(and maybe a new period)

GCMMk1 ATC 15inch PACV

Gomi Designs


Our models are not intended as toys. They are made of polyester resin and white metal which contains lead. They also constitute a choking hazard for small children. They should be assembled, painted and used under close adult supervision. Suitable protection should be worn during assembly including face masks to prevent the inhalation of dusts created by sanding.

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